Interview #1

ImageAfter two months being jobless, I have an interview today at one of the well know online shopping site in Malaysia. There are three tasks that need to be completed. FIrst is the personal details form, second was the numerical test and lastly the translation task. AND, how I wish my interview this morning was like the picture above. If it was like the picture above it would be a success because as for me to fix a chair is much more easier than to solve maths questions. I don’t even feel confidence with any of my answer, I might get -ve marks. LOL. I was given 20 questions and I was given 30 minutes to answer all the questions. Guess what? I completed the test in 20 minutes with 10 minutes of cursing. Haha. The questions are very complicated so I just leave some of the questions and answered some questions without even care either it is right or wrong.

That was the first test and the second test was the translation and writing test. I think I did fine for the second test because it is my forte (sort of) and the rest of the interview went well. And during the actual interview I asked the interviewer what is the relevant of the numerical test, and guess what he don’t even know the relevant of the numerical test. He said that it is for the IQ test, the Human Resource requirement. Hmmm… But, I don’t think so.

But above all, I kinda like the working environment. It is a layback office surrounding and no formal attire. Love it. Hopefully I get the job! PRAY HARD! ❤

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