Big Bad Wolf 2012

ImageImageIt is one of the greatest book sales in Malaysia which being held annually. You will enjoy huge discounts in all reading genre mostly will be English books. Big Bad Wolf or also known as BBW has started since 2009 until now. Usually, the book sale will be held at the Mines Convention Centre. To add into the excitement, they even have ABOOKALYPSE, which means 60 hours of book shopping and you can stay at the largest book sales for the whole night. You can even sleep with the books if you want.

Last year was my first time to experience BBW and of cause I went haywire because there are so many books that interest me. They even sell books as low as RM5, gosh that is way too cheap. So what I did was, I bought everyone’s birthday present there, and not forgetting wedding present as well. I bought some maternity books for my newly weds friends. Besides, I also bought some books for my mom and my brother. Basically I went to the book sale for three times and I have spent around RM300 ++ for that one particular book sale.

Surprisingly, I never did that before for all my life. After the first time and now I am going haywire whenever there is a book sale in town. But I think I have to stop buying books for a while since I have too many books that have not read yet.

These are some of my pending books-that-need-to-read. I have no idea when will I finish reading all these.



ps: Thank God I started reading again 🙂 Happy! Happy! Happy! 🙂


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