Breaking the Myth on Corporate Communication


Today I attended a talk by Liz Kamaruddin. She is working with one of the well-known bank in Malaysian and in the world, which is Standard Chartered Bank Malaysia Berhad, she is the country head of the corporate affairs. The talk was interesting whenever there is a people from the industry come and give a talk because we will hear a first hand experience from the expert. The topic of the talk was, ‘Breaking the Myth on Corporate Communication.’

Based on the tittle of the talk, we are well aware that what we learn in school or in our university is not the actual thing that we going to face in the real world. The real world will be much more different than the things that we are being taught in school. After all, everything will look nice on paper.

She also highlighted about the myth in the Corporate Communication world:

  1. The events is not all fun. You have to work you ass out before, during and after the event.
  2. You might think that you will get a celebrity status by joining the corporate communication department, but you get it all wrong. Yes you will rub shoulder with famous artist but that not going to happen regularly.
  3. It is a myth when people say that it is a easy job that everyone can do. No, that is wrong. Only people that fit physically and mentally can do the job.
  4. It is not a fun job all the way.
  5. It is not about dance and dinner
  6. And the salary is not that high
  7. The job is not a glamorous job. It is only glamorous in the public eyes

As a Corporate communicator you are the person that to make things happen either you like it or not. It looks glamorous but it is not. You have to make the impossible looks possible and realistic.

As a Corporate Communication graduate, you have to compete with the business, law and marketing people / graduate because they also can work under the corporate communication department.

A basis of portfolios: corporate communication

  • Reputation risk
  • Issues management
  • Crisis communication and management
  • Draft press release is not strategy
  • Planned and sustained effort

Corporate communication is about influence perception an as a communicator you need to speak the language of the organization. In addition to that you also need to figure out how corporate affairs or corporate communication could add value to the business. Corporate communicator need to educate and involve participate lobby the organization, you are the support function and this job is meant for marketing. It is about stating from fundamental and the path to the top is not as easy as you imagine.

What we look for in a corporate communication person

  • Master the English language
  • Good interpersonal skills – the way you manage your stakeholders
  • Master your Malay language
  • Full of creative ideas
  • Thinking on their feet
  • Articulate
  • Convincing
  • Great people skills (Interpersonal skill)
  • Always the opportunist
  • Build lasting relationship – especially with the media. Don’t make enemy

In a nut shell, to be a corporate communicator you need to be prepared for any possibility that might happened. You need to be on you feet 24/7 because you will never know what might happen to you in the next second.



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