“My Body My Right” – International Womens’ Day

I have attended a film screening by Amnesty International Malaysia’s Youth Network, the event was held in conjunction with the International Women’s Day. They have particularly selected a film title ‘Precious’ based on the Novel ‘Push’ written by Sapphire.

The movie summary:
(Courtesy of Wikipedia) It is about a young girl name Claireece Jones living in Harlem 1987- who goes by her middle name Precious – an illiterate, overweight black girl. She is pregnant with her second child, both children fathered by her biological father, who has continually raped her since she was a child, but whom she doesn’t see otherwise. Her infant daughter, Mongo – such named since she has down syndrome – lives with Precious’ grandmother. Precious lives with her mother Mary, who abuses Precious both physically and emotionally. Mary does nothing but smoke, watch television and collect welfare through fraud (as she doesn’t ever look for a job) and believes that education does nothing for Precious, who she would rather also collect welfare if only to bring money into the household.

Everybody have their own dreams and it is not easy to live your dreams with the society expectation. Where are you when you are sixteen? I guess you are not pregnant with your second child rite? Do you have to take care of the house chores when you are sixteen? Or you are outside playing games and having fun with your friends? As for me, when I was sixteen, I was so into Backstreet Boys, N’sync and all the boy bands that are famous at that time and I don’t even went to the kitchen to help my mom with the house chores. My mom will never nag about that, she wont even say anything about it. Well, I guess I’m a spoilt brat back than and my life is such a blessing for having all the family and friend who loves me unconditionally.

Different people will face different kind of test in life. As for Precious, she has to skip her adolescent phase just because of her mother. Even when she has an irresponsible mother but she still live with her and help her mother with the house chores. What would you do if you are in her shoes? Yes, they have social workers that might help the families that facing family problems but how far they can help? How many percentage does the social worker can solve certain family problem? They can only give advice and suggest things to do, they could not solve the entire problem that the family face. The problem could only be solve from the within.

What would you do if people look down on you and treat you they way they wish to? How would you react when people said whatever they want to say or to mock you? Would you just let it be or would you fight back and back yourself up? No matter what happen to you, you will only have yourself to stand for yourself. People would not be there to back you up all the time. You need to learn to be strong and confidence with yourself despite of your size and age. Women nowadays need to know how to build your confidence in todays developing world. There is no doubt about the world is being more cruel day by day and there is no point of complaining  All you can do is deal with it. No matter how rough the path is stay strong and move one. Women can run the world! Have no doubt on that!

Cheers! xoxo

The youths of the Amnesty International Malaysia Youth Network are campaigning against the abuse on women, which isn’t determined by status, background, culture and/or gender. It happens all the time, in all context of life. Our modernity and intellect do not stop these abuses from occurring, and we should be aware for that.

“Better to light a candle than curse the darkness.”


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