My new job

After four months being jobless, finally I get a decent job at a company that I always wanted to work with. Thank Allah for the priceless gift. And for the people who told me ‘kerja je apa2 dulu’ or ‘you can’t afford to be too choosy’. So sorry, I don’t do that. I’m a very choosy woman and the kind of woman who will put her full effort in getting what she wants in life. I’m not that ‘asal boleh’ kind of woman, pelase bare that in mind. Btw, I have turn down two jobs offer due to the ‘asal boleh effort’. I believe that it is all a matter of time, patient and effort are the key word.

ps: you can never please society
pss:I will start working on the 3rd June and on the 4th June will be my birthday and my new work is my most precious birthday present to myself. Oh, I love myself more! ehhhhh~ xoxo


6 Ways To Cheer Yourself Up

Thought Catalog

I’m a really emotional person, which means that I often find myself in sour moods for no reason. As a result, I’ve become an expert over at the years at giving myself CPR and bringing happiness and sunshine back into my life. If I ever find myself living in the bell jar, these are the things I do to make myself feel better.

1. Make yourself look really attractive

Whenever I feel like crap (emotionally or physically), I make a point to never let my interior match my exterior. That means whenever I have a cough or just am battling a bad mood, I channel that sadness into pure disgusting vanity. Yes, I’m one of those gross people who feels good when they look good. If I spend extra time in the morning putting together a cute outfit, styling my hair, and spraying a ton of my favorite fragrance all…

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Interview #2

My second interview was at an event company which situated in Seri Kembangan.  In any circumstances, first impression is very crucial and my first impression on the working environment was not that good. The working area was quite congested with workers. And above all, I’m not very fond of working in a place that has so many Malay worker. Its not that I;m being bias or what, but I am talking from my previous working experience. I had enough. Furthermore, from my previous experience, the only place that we can find other co-worker was the pantry. That was the most annoying problem ever. It is either the cubical or the pantry. You know what I mean?


And as usual I have to fill in a very long form and I just don’t understand what is the point of asking for our resume when we have to fill the form with the same information again? Explanation needed for this!  The most frustrating part was waiting for my turn to be called. And when it was my turn, as usual I have to tell them about myself and etcetera.

The next part was quite awkward because the interviewer reads everything that he posted in Jobstreet and why is that? He reads every single sentence that was posted. Why on earth he has to do that. I have read that before going to the interview. I read it twice! For God sake and I understand everything that he wrote. You don’t have to repeat it. Redundancy annoys me very much. And the other amusing part was when the interviewer told me that I’m cute but he was not sure either I can do the task or not. Well, people might see it as a compliment. But for me, I look at it as an insult. Do you think that a pretty face could not do tough job? Some people are just so insensitive. That is so annoying! Fyi, I know how to do an event, before during and after. Just because I’m a woman, I don’t know stuff. Duhh~

And the other annoying part, the interviewer has make an offer to me, he wants to give me a lower position than the one that he offered me. Okay, at the first place, if you think that I’m not suitable for the job, why on earth do you waste your time and my time for an interview session? WHY?

After awhile, I realised that event management or even coordination is not something that I want to do as my carrer. Perviously, doing event is something that I really want to do. But, when I grow older, the interest and perception changed. Well, you will prioritise more when you grow older and wiser. You will definitely look at things differently 🙂