6 Ways To Cheer Yourself Up

Thought Catalog

I’m a really emotional person, which means that I often find myself in sour moods for no reason. As a result, I’ve become an expert over at the years at giving myself CPR and bringing happiness and sunshine back into my life. If I ever find myself living in the bell jar, these are the things I do to make myself feel better.

1. Make yourself look really attractive

Whenever I feel like crap (emotionally or physically), I make a point to never let my interior match my exterior. That means whenever I have a cough or just am battling a bad mood, I channel that sadness into pure disgusting vanity. Yes, I’m one of those gross people who feels good when they look good. If I spend extra time in the morning putting together a cute outfit, styling my hair, and spraying a ton of my favorite fragrance all…

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