My new job

After four months being jobless, finally I get a decent job at a company that I always wanted to work with. Thank Allah for the priceless gift. And for the people who told me ‘kerja je apa2 dulu’ or ‘you can’t afford to be too choosy’. So sorry, I don’t do that. I’m a very choosy woman and the kind of woman who will put her full effort in getting what she wants in life. I’m not that ‘asal boleh’ kind of woman, pelase bare that in mind. Btw, I have turn down two jobs offer due to the ‘asal boleh effort’. I believe that it is all a matter of time, patient and effort are the key word.

ps: you can never please society
pss:I will start working on the 3rd June and on the 4th June will be my birthday and my new work is my most precious birthday present to myself. Oh, I love myself more! ehhhhh~ xoxo


One thought on “My new job

  1. This is her colleague replying .. Ooo.. ni yea? Ahh.. I can see how ‘hardworking’ she is in the office, fulfilling her dream job..

    Psst..minor correction: please bear that in mind.


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