Work and no play

People keep asking me how is my new work and I don’t know what to answer them. Hmm… as for me, once I get a job, no matter what is the situation and the environment and the consequence is I have to adapt to it. No matter what happen, we have to adjust to it because it is not easy to get a job. So, just live with it and digest everything that you have in  your hand.

And to be frank, I have bosses that being too adorable to me, well I has not yet faced any trouble with both of them. Thank God, so far everything is just going fine. But, I will always need to be prepared for any situation. It is good to be well prepared and adjustable.

I did volunteer myself to take the minutes of meeting for any meeting related to the unit. Why? Because everyone seems reluctant to do it and for me writing is important. It is very crucial for me to write formally and informally. So, I took the task because it is the most excellent way for me to improve my writing in a long run or vice versa.

ps: Today is the first day of the fasting month, happy fasting people! Doodles!


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