JULY 2014 – JULY 2015: My first anniversary with Mutuagung Lestari Malaysia Sdn Bhd.

Last year in the month of July I have started working with Mutuagung Lestari Sdn Bhd. However, that was not my first job and I’m kinda ‘good’ with job hoping. Working with Mutuagung was a complete ‘bidang terjun’ for me because that was definitely not my area and I have to start from zero and slowly climb the ladder.

However, having a very supportive boss, motivator, life advisor, business supporter, which is my boss makes the job easier for me. He taught me a lot, not to compare but I can say that since I started working after my degree, I only have 2 bosses that really taught me a lot.

Despite of the ups and down on the job, I manage to learn lots of things. Yes, we have some arguments and ‘tak puas hati’, but most of the time was all happy and fun. I don’t feel like working as in working working. My boss never scolds me even sometime I’m being annoying and ridiculous.

I just want to say:

Dear Awesome Boss,

Thanks for everything. Thanks for being a great teacher, thanks for being a great listener to all my stupid jokes and my problem, thanks for being awesome! You are awesome wink emoticon Even though I’m not working full time with you, I’m still your colleague no matter what LOL! Tak malunya! HAHA! I won’t work with other CB. HEHE! Even though I have quit my job, you are still my boss no matter what.

Yours Sincerely,